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Toymail – Cute Screen-Less Kids Talky

Toymail – Cute Screen-Less Kids Talky

Staying connected with your kids when you are at work or simply away from home is the biggest challenge, and getting your kids a smartphone is not a good solution as it might seem, it's very unwanted to train young children to become fixated on screens from a very early age. Fortunately, a startup with the name of ...

Parrot Pot -Smart Plant Watering Pot -38%

Parrot Pot -Smart Plant Watering Pot

The Parrot Pot is a smart flowerpot that helps your plants flourish. The self-watering system and four built-in sensors monitor your plant around the clock. The Parrot Pot's self-watering "Plant Sitter" mode ensures up to a month of unattended care for your plant. Keeps your plant alive and healthy by adjusting ...

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Vigo – The Tabletop Fireplace -47%

Vigo – The Tabletop Fireplace

On a cold, lonely winter night, Everyone enjoys sitting next to a fireplace. But, not everyone can afford one at their place or simply have no enough space for it. Fortunately, with Moda Flame you will still be able to enjoy the feeling with an easy to set up Table Top Fireplace. Moda Flame Vigo is a tabletop ...

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ZipSak – The Foldable Luggage

ZipSak – The Foldable Luggage

Travel Cases and Luggage are very helpful when traveling as their name indicates, but when not in use, they take up way too much room unless you keep your rarely used stuff inside. Fortunately, a company called Biaggi already thought about that and came up with a simple solution which is a foldable luggage piece that ...

Litecup -No Spill Nightlight Cup

Litecup -No Spill Nightlight Cup

Even at night, this Nightlight Cup won’t spill, break, or hide. When the lights are off, Litecup emits a blue glow so you don’t have to fumble in the dark. In fact, you can drink from anywhere on the lid there’s a 360 degree valve. You need to almost act like you’re using a sippy cup to draw the water out. And when ...

TubShroom-Drain Hair Catcher -37%

TubShroom-Drain Hair Catcher

Hair left behind in the tub or circling the drain is an everyday nuisance, but TubShroom’s drain hair catcher has it covered. With this flexible silicone plug, you won’t be looking at wads of wet hair or having chronically clogged pipes. It fits into your drain, replacing the standard metal hair catcher or stopper ...

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Moving Globe – Night ‘n Day Mechanical Globe

Moving Globe – Night ‘n Day Mechanical Globe

Meet Edu Night 'N Day the outstanding Moving Globe. This unique clock and Calendar is a real solar time rotating globe, the earth will rotate in real time, and the rotation of the earth will be according to the axis. Also, the angle of the axis is related to the date, you should just set date, and it will give you ...

Life Size King Cobra Statue

Life Size King Cobra Statue

King Cobras are one of the most dangerous snakes in the world; that's why you can't own one at your house as a domestic pet, you will be putting yourself and people around you in real danger, but still, you can add a King Cobra statue to your place with no harm. This LM Treasures' King Cobra statue is a real close, ...

Ruggie Floor Mat Alarm Clock

Ruggie Floor Mat Alarm Clock

Having trouble waking up the morning? Always sleeping through your regular alarms? Well, check the Ruggie Floor Mat Alarm Clock. Ruggie Floor Alarm Clock  is a carpet-like alarm, that can't be turned off with a switch of your hand, but instead, it must sense the pressure of your feet for at least 3 seconds before ...

Window Bird Feeder – Tranquil -54%

Window Bird Feeder – Tranquil

Thanks to this window bird feeder now you can Enjoy watching wild birds eating while taking your morning coffee in your beautiful chair, stick it outside your window, put some bird food and prepare yourself for endless moments of relaxing and entertainment for you and the family, even your cat will enjoy it. The ...

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