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Smokeless Indoor Stovetop Grill -34%

Smokeless Indoor Stovetop Grill

This Smokeless Indoor Stovetop Grill is one of the quickest and most healthy ways to cook meat or vegetables that taste amazing. Start eating healthier, better tasting food when you cook with this stove top grill. It allows you to enjoy that grilled taste without all the hassle. Reduce fat and cholesterol in foods ...

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Spirelli-Hand Spiral Slicer

Spirelli-Hand Spiral Slicer

Get your daily dose of vegetables by using this Hand Spiral Slicer tool to make low-carb, healthy meals. Slice vegetables into noodle-like strands with a few turns of the wrist. Make wider or thinner julienned strips, depending on the side used. Simply wash a carrot, radish, cucumber, zucchini, or other veggie ...

Range-Smart Kitchen Thermometer

Range-Smart Kitchen Thermometer

Range smart thermometer give accurate readings in a matter of seconds and can alert your smartphone as soon as the roast, cake, or home brew is done. The Range app also remembers recipe successes, so they are ready to repeat next time. Range thermometer have silicone cables that can withstand 450ºF. Leave one end ...

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Kitchen Safe – The Timer Locking Container -7%

Kitchen Safe – The Timer Locking Container

How many times did it happen to you that you have bought a big box of cookies willing to consume it on several takes, but later you realize that you have eaten the whole box in one sitting? Well, it happened to most of us. That's why this company made a particular container, one that will stay locked on a timer so ...

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Infantino Squeeze Station-Create your own pouches!

Infantino Squeeze Station-Create your own pouches!

Now you can prepare healthy food for child without buying expensive pouches from the supermarket. Infantino's new Squeeze Station lets you prepare your own home cooked food and then package it into convenient, hygienic pouches It works well for the baby's first purees as it is excellent for fruits and ...

Miniature Wood Pallet Trivet and Coasters Set -37%

Miniature Wood Pallet Trivet and Coasters Set

This Miniature Wood Pallet Trivet and Coasters Set is perfect for protecting your countertop and dining table from hot pots, pans, and dishes. The mini wood pallet trivet  comes with 4 even smaller wooden pallets that are meant to be used as coasters. You can finally accomplish your dream of turning your home into ...

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The Mess Less Touching  Sink Strainer – TWEAK Strainer

The Mess Less Touching Sink Strainer – TWEAK Strainer

The hardest thing while cleaning up your kitchen or bathroom sink is to keep your fingers away from the accumulated soggy garbage in the sink strainer. This drain strainer is perfectly designed to deal with this nasty problem, so use this and you will never have to touch the garbage disposal again. Tweak sink ...

The Keyboard Waffle Iron

The Keyboard Waffle Iron

Enjoy a breakfast that's Control-Alt-Delicious with this geek-chic waffle iron.Made from aluminum and featuring bake-lite heat resistant handles, this design can be put on the grill or even gas or electric stovetops, letting you enjoy fresh Belgian-style waffles whether you're camping or simply brunching at home. A ...

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