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Kikkerland – Cactus-Shaped Dryer Balls

Kikkerland – Cactus-Shaped Dryer Balls

Not everyone knows about Dryer Balls, and a very few people use them, But they make a very great and important addition to the clothes-washing experience. When you use dryer balls your clothes get dried 50% faster than they normally would, helping you save money on your energy bills. Kikkerland, the Cactus-shaped ...

Anti-Snoring Device – SnoreCare -34%

Anti-Snoring Device – SnoreCare

Snoring is a serious problem that complicates many people's life. It's Socially embarrassing. And for others, it is even more difficult as it affects their relationships. The reason why you should have an anti-snoring device of you suffer from this problem is not just social or relationships. Also, snoring can cause ...

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Cut-Resistant Sleeves – Kevlar -24%

Cut-Resistant Sleeves – Kevlar

What's the common thing between, chiefs, cat owners, welders, or even mechanics? If you don't the answer, well, they all get scratches and cuts on their arms when something goes wrong, but if you are one of those guys or anyone involved in an activity that has a potential danger of cutting your arms,  we have good ...

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Vanish Deluxe-Lint and Pill Fabric Shaver

Vanish Deluxe-Lint and Pill Fabric Shaver

This Lint and Pill Fabric Shaver Vacuum away any fabric pills, lint and leave your knits like new. Vanish Deluxe is battery powered, and not only removes the fuzz for you but also stores it so you don’t leave a mess. As you pass the screened head over the fabric, the vacuum lifts up the pills. Then rotating blades ...

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Sugru Moldable Glue – Fix and Repair Nearly Anything

Sugru Moldable Glue – Fix and Repair Nearly Anything

Sugru moldable glue also "Hacking Putty," is very versatile in fixing stuff. It's ability to bonds on several materials (ceramic, plastic, steel, leather, fabric ..). Also, Sugru is Waterproof, Electrically insulating, UV resistant, and it resists temperature from -50° to +180° Celsius. All these features make Sugru ...

You Parked Like an Idiot – Bad Parking Cards

You Parked Like an Idiot – Bad Parking Cards

Sometimes it's not worthy to wait around for someone who took two parking spots in a limited parking situation, even talking to them could escalate to a physical confrontation. That's why you should put the stress on their side with this genius "You Parked Like an Idiot" cards, just slide the card under their wiper ...

Grillight-Lighted Spatula -21%

Grillight-Lighted Spatula

The lighted Spatula  is an ingenious grilling tool that incorporates high power LED lighting into a restaurant grade stainless steel frame for a stylish look and quality feel. If you have ever grilled out in the evening or just in a dark and smokey grill you know this frustration. You might have struggled with ...

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Microwaveable Stuffed Animals

Microwaveable Stuffed Animals

Does your child need a warm and cozy stuffed lamb to snuggle up with when he's sick, sad, scared, or revolting against bedtime? What he really needs is these Microwaveable Stuffed Animals fabricated by Intelex. Cozy Plush therapy toys are fully microwavable stuffed animals toys ideal for use as bed warmers to aid a ...

The Cut Buddy-Best shaving guide for a clean hair and beard line.

The Cut Buddy-Best shaving guide for a clean hair and beard line.

Trace and trim around this shaving guide for a clean, professional caliber hair and beard line. It’s a grooming stencil that will help you look sharp between barber visits, while you travel, or at home. The guide also comes with a pencil in case you want to trace, then line up using a clipper, edger, or razor. The ...

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