Sony announced yesterday the world fastest SD card ever,  with a maximum reading speed of 300Mb/s and a writing speed of 299Mb/s.

The upcoming SD SF-G Series will be available in spring, and it’s not just fast but also very competitive in more other levels as it features more outstanding options.

The SD card SF-G Series comes in different sizes, starting from 32Gb, 64Gb, to 128Gb. Also, it supports UHS-II interface to increase the transfer rate for the devices that are compatible with this technology. This Awesome card is manufactured to satisfy the growing needs of the photographs as it handles with ease the quick-shooting cameras, Also capturing with the 4K technology in addition to the new performance demanding technologies.

Sony also revealed that it would provide special card readers for this fast SD cards to allow users to transfer their data from the SD card to their computers with high-speed transfer rate. Furthermore, this card provides a high security for your files as it’s waterproof, Temperature resistant, Xray Proof, and also shockproof. Also, it’s compatible with Sony’s file rescue software.

It seems that the industry of SD Cards is a high competitive field, SandDisk Revealed having the largest SD Card Ever (1Tb) and Sony made the fastest SD card. And the real winner in this competition is the photograph.

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