Test Food Frechness with FOODsniffer

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According to Minnesota department of health, there are over 200,000 cases of foodborne illness every day in the USA, millions of people die every year because of that. Spoiled food especially meat, fish, seafood are very dangerous.

To make sure that their food is not spoiled some people smell it, others look at the color and others take a closer look at it, if we take meat as an example nobody can confirm that those technics are efficient. Because if we add the detail that in the meat industry they use carbon monoxide during packing the meat to maintain it’s red color beside some food has a very powerful smell naturally. As result using basic tools to find out if food is spoiled or not is a very complicated subject. moreover, I don’t think that you want to risk yours and your family health by being based on this technics.

Meet FOODsniffer, it can tell you if your food is fresh or if it’s hazardous to your family and to you, also it can tell you if the food has been unrefrigerated for too long. The amazing thing that it’s very easy to use and it doesn’t take a long time to give you the results. just you will need to slide it in and the results will come to your smartphone or tablet in seconds via FOODsniffer app.

Protect the most loved persons in your life from spoiled food, it’s so easy with FOODsniffer!

Food Sniffer Color: Violet

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