iPhone 6 Speaker Case & Extra Battery – Peri Duo

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Imagine if you can empower your iPhone battery life and sound at the same time by just cover it with a  stylish case. Well it’s for real and you don’t have to imagine because this iPhone 6 speaker Case will not only make your iPhone sound ten times powerful, but it will also add 2900 mAh to your battery life. 2900 mAh means that you will get a 120% extra battery, and that’s 60 hours of music. And Also it has amazing connection features.

This fantastic combine two amazing features and more than that it’s an ultimate music speaker, with the possibility to stream music via Airplay, Spotify, DLNA while it connected to the home Wifi.

Furthermore, you can use the Bluetooth wireless to play music or take phone calls. Also, you can use the wifi to stream your music in a multiple Duo Peri devices at the same time.

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