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Katris Modular Cat Shelves

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Cats ar natural climbers, you must have already seen your cat jumping everywhere she can, on top of the fridge, the TV stand, sometimes the TV itself, literally everywhere, so why not add some custom furniture and decoration to your house that will embrace you feline friend’s natural instincts, like climbing, jumping, scratching and stretching on the wall.

The Katris Modular Cat Shelves is a set of 3 Tetris-shaped blocks and wall mount kit for you to create a playground on the wall for your cat.

The Katris Cat Shelves are multi-purpose as they can be used as a bookshelf, wall decoration or a cat climber, and since they are easy to assemble and dis-assemble, you can easily try out various decoration combinations and maybe later spend time geeking out all day and imagining them gracefully falling into place perfectly 😀

The cat Shelves Tetris blocks are durable and sturdy, and each block has been tested to hold up to 75 lbs. It would definitely make a perfect gift for any geek owning a cat, and certainly just the kind of furniture you cat has been wanting all these years.

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KATRIS SHELVES - Modular Cat Shelves - 3 Blocks with different styles...

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