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Kitchen Safe – The Timer Locking Container

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How many times did it happen to you that you have bought a big box of cookies willing to consume it on several takes, but later you realize that you have eaten the whole box in one sitting? Well, it happened to most of us. That’s why this company made a particular container, one that will stay locked on a timer so that you can’t access whatever inside until the time runs out.

Kitchen Safe, the lockable container will help you build good habits by locking temptations in the kSafe, like locking up sweets to prevent cookie monsters from devouring an entire box, or locking up a drink so you don’t finish the bottle on a one take.

Kitchen Safe is easy to use and the interface takes seconds to learn. Just insert your temptation or vice, Put the lid on top and rotate the dial on top of it to set the timer as for when you want it to be released, then just press the dial to activate the lock. The lid will then lock itself onto the container using four bolts that come out of the sides of the lid and into four grooves on the side of the container. The lid will then remain locked until the timer runs out. No secret key to get back into the container once it’s locked, Only two options available, wait until the time you set passes or break the container.
The lockable container can be locked for any amount of time between 1 minute to 10 days. And the batteries can last between 6 to 12 months.

The kSafe (Kitchen Safe) is a tool that enables you to pre-commit to smart choices and control your desires, You can use it with not only Kitchen-related stuff but with whatever tempts you, Smartphones, TV remotes, cigarettes, tablets etc..

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kSafe: XL Time Locking Container to limit drinking and other vices. 10.4"...

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$64.90 $69.95

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