Ruggie Floor Mat Alarm Clock

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Having trouble waking up the morning? Always sleeping through your regular alarms? Well, check the Ruggie Floor Mat Alarm Clock.

Ruggie Floor Alarm Clock  is a carpet-like alarm, that can’t be turned off with a switch of your hand, but instead, it must sense the pressure of your feet for at least 3 seconds before it stops its LOUD blender equivalence, not only that, but Ruggie will also help you get out of bed motivated by waking up to personalized motivational MP3’s that reward you for getting out of bed! Simply connect Ruggie via USB and upload using the free software!

Using Ruggie you will be able to get out of bed effortlessly because of its unique design that requires you to wake up and stand on top of it to stop the loud alarms, also because of the extremely loud sounds ranging from 90-120 decibels, louder than any phone on full blast.

Ruggie’s modern design is highly effective, and will look great in any room despite its function. Placed on the floor, you can clear room space from your other clocks beside being the most comfortable thing you’ll lay your feet on in the morning because of the incredibly soft and fluffy fabric as it’s wrapped around slow-rebounding memory foam.

By simply using Ruggie for a month or two, you will build naturally a new good habit of standing up to the sound of your alarm effortlessly.

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Ruggie Alarm Clock - The Original Rug Carpet Alarm Clock - Digital...

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