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Drowsy driving is unfortunately the cause of at least 100,000 auto crashes each year. that’s why it’s important to stay alert on the road. A perfect solution would be to buy on of the self-driving car prototypes or Teslas with Autopilot, but we can’t all afford buying a new car, a cheaper solution would be to use the StopSleep driver fatigue detector and alarm. it’s less cool than the other solutions but yet very effective as the manufacturer claims.

Stopsleep is a unique and effective driver fatigue alarm that warns You BEFORE drowsy driving (up to 5 minutes before dangerous).

The ring is worn on the finger allowing it to continuously measure your levels of awareness and concentration by using built-in cutaneous sensors which monitor your electrodermal activity.
this device can recognize the loss of awareness and concentration and alarms you to prevent falling asleep. So You can avoid the dangerous fatigue and save Your life.

Use the StopSleep, Drive Alert, Arrive Alive And Safe.

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