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Sugru Moldable Glue – Fix and Repair Nearly Anything

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Sugru moldable glue also “Hacking Putty,” is very versatile in fixing stuff. It’s ability to bonds on several materials (ceramic, plastic, steel, leather, fabric ..). Also, Sugru is Waterproof, Electrically insulating, UV resistant, and it resists temperature from -50° to +180° Celsius. All these features make Sugru works like a charm.

It can repair nearly anything. It’s like a magic trick that sticks to almost anything to waterproof, insulate, attach, hang from, and dries in 24 hours to become a strong, flexible rubber. Furthermore, it’s colorful, and it will not ruin the look of your stuff. Use it to reinforce your iPad cable, or fix your shoes, or fix a broken mug. Actually, There is approximately a zillion uses for Sugru. Since you can use it for fixing anything, and also to organize your stuff.


The possibilities of using Sugru Moldable Glue are limited only by your imagination, it’s not just about repair and fix just bring an idea and Sugru will make it realizable with ease. Just read the reviews about this product on amazon and you will be amazed how it’s useful and durable and really strong. and if you are a DIY person you should have to have a Sugru pack on your toolbox is a necessity.


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