BOYO – Coolest Car Head Display

Last update was on: February 16, 2024 10:39 pm

Now you you can get directions and navigate to your destination, make or answer phone calls, listen to music, and even send/receive messages while driving—all while keeping your eyes straight ahead on the road and hands on the steering.

This is not something out of The Fifth Element or any other science-fiction movie, but an actual device that went out to the market recently after being crowdfunded with over two and a half million dollars, a Car Head Display with a futuristic transparent screen that’s  in theory, less distracting.

The idea behind this smart car head display is to take all the necessary data that usually live on your phone’s screen or on your car’s in-dash info system and put it on a transparent screen that will not distract you while driving.

With this augmented reality technology the manufacturer managed to create a portable car heads display to help you stay connected while driving, meaning you will be able to can keep an eye on your GPS routes so you will never miss a turn again, read the incoming messages and all sort of data, answer calls and control the music playing, You will be able to control all of this tasks using natural hand gestures, a simple wave of your hand is actually all that you need.

BOYO is the world’s first device for your car that lets you Look Forward while Staying Connected, since all necessary data are displayed onto an almost completely-clear piece of glass that sits just inside of your windshield, just below your natural line of sight.