Levitating Gadgets : 6 Best Products That Will Blow Your Mind

Every now and then, there seems to be news of some fabulous science fiction concept that is ever closer to becoming science fact. Levitation used to make part of those imaginary concepts, but not so long ago, scientists managed to make levitation technology a reality (Often called magnetic levitation). And since its appearance, the technology has been widely used in a variety of fields, from building high-speed trains to the fascinating levitating objects aimed for home use or decoration.

In today’s list, and for every levitation fan out there, we handpicked the best and coolest levitating gadgets that you can actually buy right away, Without further delay, let’s start our list :


First in our list is Flyte, designed in Sweden by Simon Morris, and funded on Kickstarter, Flyte is a levitating light bulb powered through the air, and yes, you read it right, the bulb is lit up wirelessly, no battery or power cables needed.

The hi-tech light bulb can be switched on and off by just touching the base, and it uses energy efficient LEDs that can last up to 50,000 hours. That’s 12 hours a day for 11 years! probably you will never have to change this lightbulb.


Second in our list is this UFO levitating speaker, it’s a UFO shaped Bluetooth speaker system with Hi-Fi sound that floats when music is playing.
The speakers are clean and have a very elegant and innovative design, when music starts playing, it will elegantly float above the base featuring an amazing circular lighting system, and when it runs out of battery, It will land slowly and starts charging with built-in wireless capabilities.
Mars will improve your personal audio experience in the coolest way.

Magnetic Levitation Platform

Levitating objects are fascinating, but how often you get to float things the Hary Potter style ? but using this magnetic levitation platform, levitating your favorite collectibles becomes a snap. This levitating magic kit comes with a magnetic hover disc that can hold up to 13 oz in midair, it can levitate models, jewelry, memorabilia and other collectibles, While the white accent LEDs spotlight your item beautifully.

This levitation platform is the attention grabber you always wanted.

Levitating Magnetic Globe

We do all love earth globes, and probably you already have one at your office, it’s really informative and lets you discover the world at your fingertips. “Mr Earth” is not an exception except that it’s much cooler than any other ordinary desktop globe.

Mr Earth is an anti-gravity floating globe that comes with a super innovative and decorative design, it comes with a LED light feature that makes it look very cool when turned on in the dark.

Would make a wonderful gift, or a super addition to your office decoration.

Air Bonsai

Tiny bonsais trees are cute, but the designers at The Hoshinchu (a small Japanese company), decided that the bonsai trees should also be cool, so they made them float in the air like magic.
The Air Bonsai, as they named it, consists of two parts, the energy base and the floating ball called the “little star”, both parts have magnets installed so the little star can float over the base with the bonsai on top of it.

The project has been funded on Kickstarter and is available now for Pre-order on the company’s official website.

But, if you are in a hurry and can’t wait till the product is officially out, Here are some similar products that you can buy right away on Amazon: