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PowerUp 4.0 – Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplane Kit

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Last update was on: February 16, 2024 10:40 pm

Fold a paper plane, Attach PowerUp to It, and you are ready to go, fly it like a pro and control it with your phone. How crazy is that ?

As kids, making our paper plane fly was our biggest struggle, but starting from today, it’s time to realize your childhood dream, flying your paper airplane wouldn’t be easier, take a look at this amazing Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplane Kit.

POWERUP 4.0 Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplane Kit will allow you to experience flight as if you were sitting in the cockpit of your very own hand-made paper airplane; Powerup 4.0 is the new version of the company’s original paper airplane kit with much better capabilities, more features, and more complex tech. The original airplane was able to fly for no more than 30 seconds, but the Powerup 4.0 can fly for up to 10 minutes.

Your smartphone will be the remote control to guide your paper airplane in the air., but Powerup 4.0 also features an autopilot mode for easy flying in windy conditions, using your smartphone you will be able to experience your paper airplane drone’s flight in real time VR thanks to the onboard camera and also control the airplane with intuitive movements of your head.
The POWERUP 4.0 Paper Airplane Kit can also record audio and video using the rotating camera.