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Volterman Smart Wallet

Volterman Smart Wallet

Meet the Volterman Smart Wallet one of the latest innovations to emerge by an award winning designers and engineers, Created by an Arminian inventor who had always suffered from losing his wallet every time without finding it. Azat Tovmasyan comes together with an Armenian creative group "The Volterman Team" ...

Super Soft Mermaid Tail Blanket by LAGHCAT -39%

Super Soft Mermaid Tail Blanket by LAGHCAT

Laghcat Mermaid blanket is what all little girls dreamed for ! It's  a blanket with super multi function for the four seasons , it can be used as a quilt in summer, a bed sheet in winter, a household blanket when you have a rest, outdoor blanket. Laghcat Mermaid Tail blanket is Soft, warm, comfortable and ...

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Automatic Pool Cleaner, Skimmer & Clarifier. PoolSkim -12%

Automatic Pool Cleaner, Skimmer & Clarifier. PoolSkim

Meet PoolSkim, the automatic pool cleaner that Skims, cleans and clarifies your pool surface with ease. it's a simple tool that will make your pool clean all the time without any effort. just Connect it to your threaded return outflow jet and watch the venturi section that collects all those bugs and debris floating ...

$114.99 $129.95 Check It Out
Storm Glass – Crystal drop Weather Forecast

Storm Glass – Crystal drop Weather Forecast

Storm Glass is a crystal drop shaped barometer for weather forecasting and much cooler than your local weatherman. it changes from clear to cloudy to crystal flakes, predicts if the weather will be clear, cloudy or rainy. For example, if the crystal is clear, it means a bright and shiny day. A cloudy glass with small ...

Book Lamp – Night Light Folding Portable LED Book Light Lamp -61%

Book Lamp – Night Light Folding Portable LED Book Light Lamp

Meet Book Lamp,  the book-shaped lamp designed to light on your room with an epic way, to give you a fully relaxing atmosphere. it's creative, just open the reachargable book with built-in LED and it will turn on. Otherwise just close it to turn the light off. it's not just about lighting, it's an elegant piece of ...

$31.99 $79.99 Check It Out
Swing Hammock Chair – The Best Hanging Chaise Lounge Chair Ever

Swing Hammock Chair – The Best Hanging Chaise Lounge Chair Ever

This swing hammock chair is the best way to relax comfortably and let your stress and worries float away. spend your relaxing time outside in your favorite spot and enjoy every second with this amazing hanging chaise lounge chair that will surely take you to another universe. The BCP swing hammock chair is not just ...

Kikkerland – Cactus-Shaped Dryer Balls

Kikkerland – Cactus-Shaped Dryer Balls

Not everyone knows about Dryer Balls, and a very few people use them, But they make a very great and important addition to the clothes-washing experience. When you use dryer balls your clothes get dried 50% faster than they normally would, helping you save money on your energy bills. Kikkerland, the Cactus-shaped ...

Anti-Snoring Device – SnoreCare -59%

Anti-Snoring Device – SnoreCare

Snoring is a serious problem that complicates many people's life. It's Socially embarrassing. And for others, it is even more difficult as it affects their relationships. The reason why you should have an anti-snoring device of you suffer from this problem is not just social or relationships. Also, snoring can cause ...

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Cut-Resistant Sleeves – Kevlar -24%

Cut-Resistant Sleeves – Kevlar

What's the common thing between, chiefs, cat owners, welders, or even mechanics? If you don't the answer, well, they all get scratches and cuts on their arms when something goes wrong, but if you are one of those guys or anyone involved in an activity that has a potential danger of cutting your arms,  we have good ...

$19.99 $25.99 Check It Out
Joking Hazard

Joking Hazard

Joking Hazard is a party game where you compete to finish awesome/terrible comic strips with friends! The rules are simple: First, everyone takes a bunch of panel cards and a judge is picked. The first panel of the comic is drawn randomly from the deck. The next panel is placed intentionally by the judge, making a ...

The Bat Signal – The Dark Knight Signal Replica

The Bat Signal – The Dark Knight Signal Replica

This Bat Signal is made for the real Batman fans, The fans of the best Batman Movie ever "The Dark Knight". you should add this item to your batman collection, since it looks like the one in the movie, also it displays the iconic bat signal at 10 feet. It looks like the real one the only difference is in the size. ...

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