4-in-1 Wall-Mount Paper Towel Holder | Plastic Wrap and Foil Dispenser with Spice Rack

Last update was on: December 24, 2023 5:46 pm

Leifheit's Wall Mount Paper Towel Holder with Spice Rack makes your kitchen efficient and convenient in unimaginable ways. The holder has two dispensers for your foil, plastic wrap, or wax paper! Each dispenser has a sliding cutter to dispense and trim your paper quickly and easily. The top of the holder is flat, so you can keep frequently used spices close at hand. And, of course, the device holds your paper towels--jumbo size--too! It's a one-stop-shop for a well-organized kitchen.

Do you know what I love? Things that can serve several functions in a single unit. These items not only end up saving you space in the home but since they do multiple things, there’s less back and forth with less wasted time and energy. It also just makes things simpler and more organized. I guess I’m a multi-tasking nerd, but I’m okay with that. This 4-in-1 Roll Holder will hold many different types of rolls for use in the kitchen!

Leifheit 25771 4-in-1 Wall-Mount Paper Towel Holder


Nice to have everything to hand: aluminum foil and cling film, kitchen roll, spices. All finds its place in the wall-mounted roll holder Parat F2. Spices can be put on the practical storage shelf. Aluminum foil and cling film are in two closed containers, the kitchen roll is ready to hand on a third holder, which is removable and equipped with an integrated brake for the controlled tearing off of kitchen rolls sheet for sheet. The razor-sharp blades are also practical. They tear off aluminum foils and cling films neat and precise, without crooked, picked tearing edges and without fiddling on the cling film, because the foil end is not found. After the cutting, the foil ends are again ready to hand and can easily be cut.

The blades are hidden behind the ergonomically shaped cutter, free from the risk of injury. After the installation, the wall-mounted roll holder can be stored from the front easily and comfortably. It is suitable for all commercial roll sizes. The drill holes fit every Leifheit Parat model. Dowels and screws inclusive.