Automatic Pool Cleaner, Skimmer & Clarifier

$119.98 $129.95
Last update was on: January 7, 2024 4:56 pm

Meet PoolSkim, the automatic pool cleaner that Skims, cleans and clarifies your pool surface with ease. it’s a simple tool that will make your pool clean all the time without any effort. just Connect it to your threaded return outflow jet and watch the venturi section that collects all those bugs and debris floating around your pool, Poolskim drawn magnetly from the entire area of your pool Leaves, helicopters, pollen, grass clippings, bugs, hair, dust and send it a large debris bag that you can detach and empty  it out easily. Moreover, it will even clean the dead spots in your pool.

This automatic pool cleaner is not just efficient but it’s also a quick tool. it will take about an hour to crystallize your swimming pool water and clean, it moves out all these unwanted guests faster than any other skimmer. and as it improves your filtration system it will also reduce its workload by making the recycling system very effective and faster than before. as a result, you will have your pool automatically cleaned and skimmed with less time and less energy.

PoolSkim is Constructed of high-quality materials, to be more specific the polyurethane and pipe connectors are made of PVC. Besides,  PoolSkim automatic pool cleaner is compatible with any standard filtration system. Poolskim automatic pool is constructed to last season after season. so if you are looking for a first class automatic pool cleaner that will do the cleaning job, you should choose the award winner Poolskim.

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