Couch Gaming Desk for Mouse & Keyboard

Last update was on: February 16, 2024 10:40 pm

There are two kinds of people in this world. There are those that game on PCs, and there are those that don't. Sometimes these PC gamers creep out of their dark bedrooms and would prefer to use their crusty keyboards and use them out on the couch in the living room to play games on the big screen. This can be a little hard by just placing a keyboard and mouse on your lap, and instead of setting up a rickety card table to play on, someone made this ingenious lap desk. It's called the CouchMaster CYCON, and it creates a little workstation right on your couch to easily use a keyboard and mouse, or just to work on a laptop much more comfortably while on the sofa.

The Couchmaster represents nothing less than a true revolution in gaming. With the smart CYCON², you can game in a relaxed position at home on the sofa, or even in your bed. The generous couch gaming desk can be used for input devices as well as with a notebook. Thanks to its ergonomic sitting position, no signs of fatigue or tension appear while gaming on the couch, even after hours of use. The Couchmaster CYCON² is versatile and can be used perfectly with a PC, Mac, notebook or game console.

Compared to a conventional lap desk, the Couchmaster CYCON² consists of a generously dimensioned desktop, which is placed on two high-quality cushions made of memory foam. Since the two support cushions are not fixed to the tabletop, the Couchmaster can be individually positioned to fit any body size. In addition, getting up is significantly easier, as you can easily move the support board to the side. When the gaming session comes to an end, the Couchmaster can be quickly stowed away, thanks to its three-part construction.

Smart Design

The new CYCON² represents the current flagship of the available Couchmaster models. Thanks to the six integrated USB 3.0 ports, all required input devices such as keyboards, mice, gamepads and headsets can be connected directly to the Couchmaster. Of course, mobile devices like smartphones or tablets can also be connected and charged at the fast-charging USB port. To keep the cables of the connected devices out of the way, the Couchmaster CYCON² has a modified and now even more easily accessible cable management system.

Ultimate Power

To avoid having to lay countless cables across the living room up to the couch, nerdytec came up with something very special. A cable, specially developed for the CYCON², establishes the connection between PC and Couchmaster and simultaneously provides additional power with the included power adapter. This way, even the most power-hungry devices can be operated with the CYCON².

Compact and resource-saving

Thanks to the compact cushions, the new CYCON² takes up less space on the sofa. In terms of materials, we chose high-quality memory foam and a robust suede-like cover. For environmental reasons, the cushions are now vacuum-packed, so that the size of the packaging is considerably reduced. On the other hand, only fully recycled plastic is used for the support board.

Perfect ergonomic

From an ergonomic point of view, the Couchmaster CYCON² is highly recommended.

Physiotherapist Roland Kellerbach from Cologne (Germany) comments:

“From a health point of view, I can say that the Couchmaster offers the best ergonomics for using the PC/laptop from the couch. Thanks to the large cushions, the shoulder and neck muscles are relieved during use, which effectively prevents tension.”

As the graphic shows, the Couchmaster allows a back-friendly sitting position. Health problems can thus be completely eliminated.