Cupsy Sofa – More Than a Couch CUP Holder

Last update was on: January 17, 2024 10:28 am

SECURELY HOLD your coffee cups, wine glasses, go cups, cell phones, remote controls, eyeglasses – nearly everything - in one place next to you

Imagine a cup holder that can hold all your stuff and no matter what are you doing. Use it while watching TV on your couch, while driving your car, while lying in your bed, at the beach when you are taking your sunbath, or meanwhile you are swimming in your swimming pool or during your jacuzzi time.

Cupsy Sofa is not just a couch Drink Holder. It’s an innovatively engineered to remain stable and keeps your stuff safe and organized. In the sofa or the bed or water. You can use it to hold your keys, your drink, your eyeglasses, the remote control, your wallet.  Furthermore, this Cup holder is perfect for everybody in the house, the father can use it in the car, or the mother reading in the bed and drinking tea, or a kid playing video games and drinking some milk.

The secret of this drink holder is the sturdy legs that can be removed or changed to floating legs to let use it in water. Besides, It’s made from durable materials.