Darth Vader ToothSaber – Star Wars Toothpick Dispenser

Last update was on: November 30, 2023 9:50 pm

Created by Japanese toymaker Bandai, the Darth Vader toothpick dispenser is able to hold a load of toothpicks within the cape, and with each swipe of the lever on Darth Vader's back, he will pick up a new toothpick. The newly picked up toothpick then takes the place of Darth Vader's lightsaber in his hand, as he is ready to hand it right over whenever you need one.
A perfect gift idea for any Star Wars lover who also seems to get crap stuck in their teeth quite often, the Darth Vader toothpick dispenser is great for kids aged 15 and up, and measures 7.9 inches long x 6.3 inches tall x 4.3 inches wide.

The Darth Vader “ToothSaber” as so it’s called is a little Darth Vader figurine that dispenses toothpicks. Simply push the lever on the back of the figure and Darth Vader will swipe over into his cape and pick up a toothpick for you to use. As you push the button on his back, a small panel on his cape opens up and reveals the next toothpick in line for him to grab.