Digital Tape Measure, 16 Feet

Last update was on: November 19, 2023 9:19 am

Help keep human errors to a minimum during your next home improvement project by utilizing the digital tape measure. This handy tool makes measuring a breeze as it displays accurate readings on its digital screen that can be set to either U.S. or metric units.

The tape measure has remained virtually unchanged for over 100 years until now. The eTape16 digital tape measure revolutionizes not only the tape measure but also expands its utility as never before envisioned. The large digital display provides easy reading while the advanced features are readily accessible. These features include 3 memories, US or metric units, centerline calculation, re-zero, and Inside/Outside measurements. In addition to its advanced features, the eTape16 incorporates a sleek modern design. Made of polycarbonate plastic, the eTape16 is made to last in the most rugged of environments. From the ManufacturerMore SimpleThe large digital display provides an easy-to-use traditional measuring tape with digital readouts and functions. As you pull out the measuring tape blade, the measurement displays on the screen for easy reading. To save simply tap a button. It also converts measurements quickly from fractions to decimals, or inches to centimeters, and calculates midpoints (great for helping to hang a picture). And finally, no need to bend the tape when measuring into a corner-just select the back of the device as the starting point.ReliableIn addition to its advanced features, the eTape16 incorporates a sleek modern design. Made of polycarbonate plastic, the eTape16 is made to last in the most rugged of environments. Auto shut off when not in use, uses a coin battery 2032 that will last up to 64 hours of continuous usage.AccurateFinally, the technology revolution makes an advanced tape measure a reality. With the eTape16, measuring is made more simple, reliable, and accurate. You will be amazed at the many ways you will utilize the eTape16 digital tape measure that was not possible with an ordinary tape measure. Be a part of the eTape16 revolution, Measure it, Read it, Record it!? About the StartupDescribe your product in 3 words. Simple, Reliable, AccurateWhere did you get the inspiration for your product? Wanting to make an ordinary everyday tool better, and allow for me to create one with more functionality in gathering data. What differentiates your product from similar products out there? We are the original and only digital tape measure on the market today. Tell us about the best and most challenging parts of the creation process. The idea had come to Stephen Crane our Founder and Inventor, when working at a foreign shipyard, he needed to use metric measurements, and using a traditional tape measure didn’t provide that utility. The original digital tape measure DigiTape was Steve’s first production with the Starrett Company. It did well but Steve wanted to redesign it with the homeowner in mind and with a strong emphasis on styling, compactness, and ease of use. Today he unveils the new eTape16 is now part of the Internet of Things revolution; taking measurements and turning them into data. The first most practical? intelligent tool? is here to make an impact on a product that has not changed for over 100 years.

  • eTape16 Digital Tape Measure, 16 Feet, Inch & Metric – Black
  • Large Digital Display – Centerline – 2 Long Term Memories – Re-zero – Short Term memory on active measurement – Inside / outside measurement – US/Metric conversion.
  • 16, 34 inch blade – Durable, polycarbonate plastics – Auto shutoff, standard CR2032 (battery) 64 hours of continuous usage.
  • The original digital tape measure. Measuring made easy the digital way Rugged, durable, weather resistant, made of poly carbonate plastic. Large digital display.
  • US/Metric Conversion. Re-zero option. Center-line calculation. Inside/Outside measurement. 3 Memory functions: short term measurement hold. 2 long term memories.