Skypatio – the Tabletop Fireplace

Last update was on: February 28, 2024 9:27 pm

Skypatio Tabletop Fireplace creates an elegant and comfortable atmosphere, illuminates any room with glowing dancing flames. Especially indoor living room.

On a cold, lonely winter night, Everyone enjoys sitting next to a fireplace. But, not everyone can afford one at their place or simply have no enough space for it. Fortunately, with Skypatio Tabletop Fireplace you will still be able to enjoy the feeling with an easy to set up Table Top Fireplace.
Skypatio is a tabletop fireplace that runs on ethanol fuel, no electricity, gas, chimney or gel cans are required.
The Skypatio has a versatile and modern design, with two glass panels that allow a 360-degrees of fire visibility.
Skypatio tabletop fireplace is portable so it can be used both indoor and outdoor, making it the simplest way to add fire to any setting.
This modern fireplace will make a great home accessory and decoration. Place it in your existing masonry hearth as a replacement for a traditional log or gas fire and enjoy it on every winter cold day.