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Webcaster Gun Combo Fake Cobwebs Includes Gun and One Pound of Webbing Refills.

as of December 24, 2023 5:20 pm

Bring your Halloween decoration to the next level with this fake spider web Maker. the Webcaster Gun will help you create easily authentic-looking cobwebs in your house within minutes, just by pointing the gun to the corner you want to decorate and shoot. Create the perfect Halloween atmosphere using this amazing cobwebbing gun, it will turn to a crazy arachnid that spin and throw webs everywhere. This ultra-realistic spider webs will confuse your friends as will glow under the light.

This fake spider web Maker is not a complicated tool, it’s easy, fast, useful indoor and outdoor. the reason why Webcaster Gun II is simple is that it looks like a hot glue gun, that works with webcaster sticks in lieu of glue sticks. Just plug it into the outlet, insert a Webcaster Stick into it, turn on the switch and let it warm up, attach to the blower port on the shop vacuum, switch it on and let the webs spraying begin. It will let you produce 1lb of webbing per hour. And also you will be able to buy webcaster sticks with a color of your choice for more adapted decoration.

the most amazing thing is that this gun create an easy to clean cobwebs so you will never have to hassle with the cleaning mission after party.
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