Wireless Charging Pad 24/7 Air Purification with LED Lamp

Last update was on: November 30, 2023 9:27 pm

Battery dead or running low? Do you need to clean your phone today? Have a headache from handling dirty money after you get home? Disinfect and purify your phone or small belongings by placing them on our TiO2 Wireless Charging Pad safely and naturally by Qivation’s cutting-edge technology.

Use one gadget that can perform four tasks: the Qivation TiO2 Wireless Charging Pad. Not only does it wirelessly charge your smartphone, but it also disinfects and purifies it. Using Qivation’s cutting-edge technology, this stylish gadget is a wireless charger, table lamp, mobile stand, and disinfecting device. Place any small personal items on top when you aren’t charging something, and it purifies them. This multifunctional gadget has a minimal design that’s great for any home and workspace and charges any device with the wireless charging function. Using Nano Photocatalyst technology of Japan—approved by PIAJ—and Qivation’s own technology, it safely purifies the surrounding air 24/7. During this disinfection cycle, it decomposes airborne, viruses, odors, and bacteria with visible light and absorbs them when there’s no light.